IPL auctions: Are teams spending lesser now?
By Arun George & Tanuj Lakhina
Graphics by Hemang Kumar

December 23, 2018

The IPL auction for the 2019 season has concluded with its usual set of surprises. But how have IPL franchises been spending over the years?

A look at the average spending at the IPL auctions since 2008 shows that after the high stakes of the first five seasons, the amounts have been coming down, with the exception of 2017.

The average of the total amount spent by all teams was above Rs 2 crore till 2012 after which it has largely been lower.

Average money spent by each team in IPL Auction
Data: Wikipedia, Rediff

This graph shows how teams have been spending over the years. Hover over a team to see how they spent for a season or been spending or click on a team to see how they spent over the years. For eg: In 2013, Chennai splurged on international players in its biggest spending at the IPL auctions .

Average spending per IPL team in every auction
Data: Wikipedia, Rediff

Here are the players who have been the highest paid in each auction. The graph shows the base price and the final price of the players in the auction.

Who was the highest paid player at each IPL Auction?
Data: Wikipedia, Rediff
Auctioned Price    Base Price    (Rs in Crores)

What's also interesting is how much teams are willing to spend on particular players because they see value in them. The next graph shows which players teams were willing to spend the most on despite a relatively low base price. Not all players who benefit from the bidding wars at the IPL have a great season though.

For example - in 2016, Rising Pune Supergiant paid Rs 4.5 crore for Murugan Ashwin when his base price was just Rs 10 lakh. He took 7 wickets at an average economy rate of 8 runs.

Who went for the biggest price over their base price? (Rs in Crores)
Data: Wikipedia, Rediff
Selling Price    Auctioned Price
Data: Wikipedia, Rediff
Selling Price    Auctioned Price

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