As political parties battle it out in the heat and dust for a slice of the power at the Centre, here is your chance to form a dream cabinet. You can select a prime minister of your choice and his/her council of ministers. Don't be limited by parties or those who are contesting, you can bring in wild card entries too.

Instructions for Picking Your Cabinet
  • 1. Select the position for which you want to choose the candidate
  • 2. Use the options available to find the candidate (You can search by name or filter by state and party)
  • 3. Click on the image of the candidate to view the detailed profile
  • 4. You can select* the candidate by clicking the CHOOSE button for the selected position
  • 5. Once all the 13 positions are filled, you can approve and share the cabinet
  • *Only once candidate per position will be selected
Let's see how your 'perfect' cabinet looks like!